5 home staging tips with the Hans Wegner Wing Chair!

The Hans Wegner Wing Chair is a classy statement piece. It has a bold presence, a gorgeous shape, and a comfortable embrace that invites you to sit down for some relaxing downtime. However, it’s also a great way to ground a messy interior design look – which can be a great asset when you’re trying to stage your home for some event; or even a resale. So further, we’ll be looking at some great home staging ideas that you can rock with the Hans Wegner Wing Chair:

  1. The artsy statement area


Any uselessly empty space in every home needs to be stylishly filled up. While it’s okay to have less furniture items, these empty areas start feeling impersonal and uninviting in the long run. If you have such a space in your home, you can use the Hans Wegner Wing Chair to design a statement area over here. You just need the necessary decorative and accent pieces to enhance the presence of this chair – just like in this image. A pair of art canvases or frames along with a stylish floor lamp and end table around the Hans Wegner Wing Chair can do the trick quite nicely.

  1. Creating a focal area


You can stage a part of your home with a pair of Hans Wegner Wing Chairs to design a comfortable sitting area. It could be a part of the living room, but if you’ve got any other empty space around your home, then creating a separate space would be preferable. You’ll find that you can add a lot of character, flair, and personality to your spaces by staging your home with this chair.

  1. The fireplace sidekick


Placing the Hans Wegner Wing Chair beside any kind of a fireplace is a great way of using it as an accent piece and home staging product. You can even pair it up with another style of a chair that can be featured on the other side of the fireplace. The trendy looks of this chair would make a befitting and eye-catching statement piece. Plus, coupled with the other chair, you’ll also be able to enhance the design of your fireplace.

  1. Evoking the minimalist appeal


If you don’t want to go for any elaborate home staging tips, then you can definitely evoke a stylishly minimalist vibe with the Hans Wegner Wing chair. You can feature it as a contrasting furniture piece in your living room or bedroom. All you have to do is place it in a corner – preferably opposite to the statement furniture piece – and you’ll have yourself a stunning, visually appealing, and stylish layout adjustment.

So these are some ways that you can use the Hans Wegner Wing Chair to stage your home interiors for the better. It may just be a chair, but its sheer stylishness and timeless looks never let you down no matter where and how you place it.

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