Got a Narrow Kitchen To Design? Give a Rustic Touch to It

The biggest and the saddest reality of today’s American home is that you are always dealing with one constant issue, space constraint. No matter how much money you are investing, owing to the constantly increasing population of cities, homes are becoming small and clamored. No wonder, the particular spaces within the home, like the bathroom, store or kitchen are becoming even smaller. So, if you have recently moved to a new apartment or house where you have got a narrow kitchen, don’t fret or get frustrated. This is the reality for most of the households in this country.

So, what you are supposed to do when you are designing such a narrow kitchen? Well, for that, the best thing that you can do is give it a rustic design. Now, you might wonder why rustic. Well, when it comes to cozy kitchen design, it is mostly the rustic tone that works effectively without making the kitchen appear clingy. So, to deck up a narrow kitchen, there is hardly any other alternative. How can you nail the look with your wholesale kitchen cabinet and regular fixtures? Take a look at the following points and get inspired.

Dark-Hued Cabinets

When you are planning to create a rustic narrow kitchen with a cozy and warm feeling, it is necessary that you think of using dark-hued cabinets as the most prominent fixture in the whole kitchen. They don’t just offer you effective storage options but also help you create the desired aesthetic appeal in your kitchen. So, for a rustic appeal, choose wholesale kitchen cabinets in cherry color or café Vienna. The dark grain and texture of the wood will be perfect to exude the feel of a kitchen that is essentially rustic. The wooden darker grain will give a welcoming feel to your kitchen that will be the perfect reminder of the kitchen where you spent your childhood summer vacations, listening to your grandma’s stories.

Choose Black Granite

When you are creating a rustic kitchen, there is no need to think much for agame of contrast. When you are trying to choose the perfect countertop with your cabinetry, choose black granite. In this part, there is another exception you can make. Choose black granite sink instead of the standards steel one. When you are looking for stores that will offer wholesale RTA cabinets, you can ask about this as many stores offer countertops too.

Go for Copper Touch

When you are trying to nail the rustic look, ditch steel altogether. Adding a touch of a different era or period in your kitchen décor becomes easier as you can choose copper instead of steel. So, replace the faucets and the hardware with copper ones. Copper will be a perfect material that will exude the right charm of rustic beauty.

Let there be Light

The rustic kitchen is never bereft of light. Think of all those sunny afternoons at your grandma’s kitchen where the sun used to pour in from the open window and you would get a chance to soak in the sunlight while enjoying the delicious food she had cooked for you.  Revive that charm of an old rustic kitchen in your home, with a big window or a French door, those willact as the source of natural light. It will add the right warmth in the otherwise darker kitchen. If you don’t have such a window, make sure you are adding plenty of light in the kitchen. Ditch fluorescent and go for a pendant light that will hang low from the ceiling of your narrow kitchen.

So, now as you know about how beautifully you can design your kitchen with rustic charm, what are you waiting for? Rush to your nearest store and get your hands on RTA kitchen cabinets, right fixtures and lights, and implement these ideas right away.

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