Impact of Using LED Lamp at Personal Space and Workspace

LED stands for the Light-Emitting Diode. The light-emitting diode is the most efficient and energy-saving and rapidly-developing lighting technology of nowadays. The best quality Led lights are the most reliable, comparable and last longer than other lighting technologies. LED lights are much different than any other lighting technologies like incandescent bulbs and CFLs. They elicit extremely mild heat in comparison to other bulbs available in the market. Most of the other bulbs of the market release 80%-90% of energy as heat. They warmth up the room of office or personal space.

Nowadays LED Lamp (หลอดไฟ led, which is the term in Thai) is the most prominent and improved manufactured lighting technology in a growing list of home product and industrial product. It has become the most demanding light in the trendy corporeal market. Many profitable and efficient LEDs are accessible in the market.

Impact on Human Health

LED is the most popular lighting technologies market and is an essential product for many years and gives 20 times longer and lasting than other fluorescent and incandescent bulbs in the market.  These LED bulbs have many advantages and disadvantages sides, although the impact on human health is quite illustrative and dangerous.

Lighting can cause many different imbalances in the natural nature of the human body. It affects us in enough illustrative way to see by. It impacts on human circadian rhythm, the poor lighting causes glare, headaches and aches and pains in several joints associated with body posture. These are all the common effects of LEDs on human health at the workspace or personal space.

Environment concerns about the risk of the dangerous side effects of artificial LEDs, which will lead the earth to face many difficulties as these artificial technologies of lighting system pollute the environment. Some of the environment concerned report states that these long-lasting lights are eroding the land and experience natural day-night light circles. They also asserted that these long-lasting lights compel the nocturnal plants, creatures, and microorganisms. Moreover, it threatens the body clock system of the human body, affects the inadequacy of sleeping, and causes depression, diabetes, blood pressure, and etcetera.

Many of us use this artificial technology without knowing the problematic sides of human health. Some of the LEDs discharge ultraviolet light which is harmful to eyes. Some of them exhibit flickers which cause headaches and eyestrain. Besides all of these, LEDs are the prominent technology that causes no major health dilemmas compared to other lighting products.

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