What are Residential economics of real estate?

Real estate residential economics is something which provides houses for nuclear and joint families. It can also be available for work or non- occupational purposes. Property is something having land and related resources for easy survival of an individual. Resources can be in the form of water, crops, water, parks, visiting places etc. Different apartment and houses are measured in square feet or meters.

Real estate can be of different types

1. Commercial real estate –

It includes shopping malls, medical buildings, educational buildings, hotels and offices. These are basically made for commercial purposes. Its basic purpose is to constantly earn money and gain profits.

2. Industrial real estate –

It includes manufacturing of buildings and properties. Those buildings or properties are then used to store, produce, parcel the good that is being produced. So, some of them also act as a commercial one as they can be rented and can be used to produce constant money which comes monthly.

3. Land real estate –

This type of real estate in there in the form of a land. It is kept and given away in landform for farming. It is mostly underdeveloped land.

4. Residential real estate –

Residential real estate deals with houses. They are being taken or given or used by an individual for accommodation purpose.

Residential real estate can be of different types-

• Mobile homes –

These are movable houses with the all-time residence. Also, the houseboats are there. Such houses are floating in nature.

• Apartment –

These are multi-storey apartment buildings where multi-families can live. These are too high and can accommodate multiple families at once. Such homes can be found in new Godrej Manjari, Noida. Also, Godrej Manjari price are in a range to be considered.

• Townhouse –

Single or multi-unit homes are there in a row connected end to end with no spaces in between. Godrej Manjari is a type of township which you can check out.

• Cooperative –

In this type multiple owners are there and can take a particular apartment. This can be used mainly for occupational purpose.

Real estate thus shares different forms to earn money. It should not be confused with the stock market as it is a part of the stock market. The real estate focuses on dealing with the land stuff only. So, this was all about the real estate you should know before jumping into it.

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