Colour Trends: Achieving A Spring-Summer Look For Your Home

Spring and summer style is one of the interior trends reflecting sunnier days. Incorporating a colour palette into your home is one way to style your interiors and get a light summer vibe. You can buy designer furniture pieces in Singapore in chic neutrals or colours that match your palette.

To help you achieve a spring-summer ambience, here are some colours you can feature in your home.


Alabaster White.

For most of your home, go with a light colour like an Alabaster White, a soft, almost off-white paint colour. You can use the colour for your walls or large accent pieces. You can purchase a carpet rug, dining chairs, or sofa bed in Singaporein Alabaster White.


Rhinoceros Grey. Fern Green.

The idea of adding medium main colours is to anchor the space. You can go with Rhinoceros Grey, a lighter shade of grey with browns and beige, or a fern green, which combines hues of grey and olive undertones. If you want spring-summer or boho interiors, maybe buy a sofa online in Singapore in any of these colours.


Terracotta. Milk Chocolate. Warm Charcoal Grey.

Secondary colours support your main colours but should set the two apart. For 30{15e6ce0c46093fe756ee6d60c9832e53071b764df8692c1814301dcc17619c7b} of your home, you can go with these colours. You can feature these secondary colours in your draperies, linens, accent chairs, or bed frame in Singapore.


Oakmoss. Antiquarian Brown. Taupe. Rust. Sage Green.

The ten percent of your home can play with accent colours. You can highlight these colours by adding throw pillows, bed lamps, a bedside table, or a shoe rack in Singapore. You can also hang artworks that display these accent colours.

60-30-10 has been a timeless way of decorating and adding a colour palette to your interiors. You can create a balance by styling your home, walls, ceilings, and designer furniture pieces in Singaporeand incorporating these neutrals into your home.

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