FOUR keys that you must consider while buying the perfect kitchen stool

They have gone from the bar counter to a much more intimate corner of the home, the kitchen. Yes, we are talking about the kitchen stools. Its triumphal entry into this privileged space of our house is the result of the rise of kitchen islands, where the working top gains height and a high stool is necessary. However, in smaller kitchens they also play a fundamental role since in the absence of space to hold a dining table set, we have the option of introducing kitchen stools. Here are 4 ideas for choosing cheap stools UK for the kitchen.

Comfort is the priority

Another factor in choosing a kitchen stool is the use you are going to make of it. If you don’t have a separate dining room, you can opt for light stainless steel stools, without wheels. If space is not a problem, prioritize comfort above all else and look for pieces that have good support. You can find wooden or stainless steel kitchen stools with wheels and even back support. Some models even have foot rest. Also note that the seat is soft since it will be much more pleasant and comfortable.

The basic and perfect style

There are many stools, but the ones you can never go wrong with are the classic ones: wood stools. These are the most traditional stools which you can buy easily from the best online furniture Store UK at affordable prices. They will suit you both in a rustic style kitchen and in another with a more modern style. Of course, in the latter you will have to play with the color, upholstery and design. If the space we have is tiny, it won’t hurt to get folding stools: the kind that are easy to hide in any corner. You can also make them disappear under the countertop.

Do you dare?

If you can’t decide on a certain style, choose two. Mixing can be very interesting. You can buy six kitchen stools of different color and design. You can choose the same design but with different colors. You can buy two wooden kitchen stools and two steel stools, two with back rest and the other two without back rest, industrial style with a more modern design, etc. the options are endless. Of course, we advise you to mix with at least four stools since doing only with two could make the design of the office is a bit out of whack.

Fixed and adjustable stools

The last aspect we want to clarify is regarding the usability. If you want to use the kitchen stools in other parts of the house, this tip will come handy. The primary issue with the kitchen stools is that it is completely different from an average chair, so as the usability. Stool height that is fixed may not be perfect for versatile use. On the other hand, you can easily solve the issue if you decide on buying the stools that have height adjusting lever. Stools with flexible back rest and wheels add extra comfort and ease of use.

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