How Aircon General Servicing Restored My Old Aircon

Finding the Old Aircon

As I was moving out of my parents’ house for the first time, I wanted to save as much money as possible. Because of this, I got most of my furniture and appliances second-hand or as gifts from loved ones, so I didn’t have to spend much on them. Among the appliances I got second-hand was an old, dirty aircon from my aunt. She said that since she put the aircon in a guest room she had never used, it gradually gathered dirt over the years. Still, she encouraged me to restore it by calling aircon general servicing.

I decided there would be no harm in trying, so I took the aircon home and called an aircon servicing company in Singapore. They were willing to help me with a general check-up, so I booked an appointment.

Cleaning the Aircon

The appointment was scheduled quite early, as the aircon technician figured they’d need the rest of the day to determine what my aircon needed. Upon arriving, the technician first looked at the dirt that had gathered from the aircon. I thought an aircon chemical wash would be enough for it, but the technician explained that since the dirt had collected in the aircon for years, it would have to be a chemical overhaul instead. I was okay with that, so they proceeded with the chemical overhaul. When they reassembled the aircon after cleaning, it looked as good as new.

Troubleshooting the Aircon

The second part of restoring the aircon was to figure out if it still worked and what the technician could do to help get it running again. They started with maintenance check-ups and then turned it on fan mode to do some aircon troubleshooting. Miraculously, it had almost no issues; all it needed was some general maintenance to get it up and running again. The technician instructed me to turn the aircon on to fan mode for the next few weeks and leave it there for 20 to 30 minutes to let it warm up. Once that time is up, I can turn it on cool mode as standard. That was fine, especially since I was getting an air conditioner for free!

Was It Worth It?

While completing the aircon general servicing took nearly a day, going through it was worth it. While it took a while, I understood because the technician had to be thorough. I saved so much more money than if I had bought an entirely new air conditioner, so I can use the money I still have on other necessities my new home doesn’t have yet. If you or your relatives have an old, unused aircon in your house, wait to throw it out. You may end up saving yourself from the trouble of buying a new one.

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