Carpet is the first object in your home that collects dust from the air or from shoes, and it also collects fur or hair from pets. Old weary, smelly carpets are no longer loved by anyone since they no longer appear great. It is time to wake up and give your old weary carpet cleaning treatment.

To restore the carpet’s buoyancy fibers there are some steps to take to give it a wholly refreshing and clean look.



Vacuuming is the first step for reviving an old carpet or cleaning a new one. Regular vacuuming and sweeping the carpet helps to remove dust particles from settling on it and to give a deep clean to an old carpet and remove furniture of the entire room.


 Treat the dents of furniture:

 Furniture on carpets causes dents and makes your carpet look old, and worn out. To treat furniture dent place an ice cube on an indented area, let the ice cube melt on that, carpet soak the icy water and rises up now to bloat the excess water from the carpet. Now gently lift it up with a coin.

Another method to get rid of dents is to spray water on carpets and then use a blow dryer on the hottest setting to dry the soaked region. Plump up the strands with your fingertips now.


Treat the old stains:

Dish wash soap + water works well on the old stain. Use a microfiber cloth to apply the mixture on the stain then let the mixture on the stain, but do not put excess water as it soaks by carpet and damages the backing of the carpet. Now use a clean cloth and little water to remove the mixture.

Another method requires water + vinegar + dish soap. Take 2 cups of water with 1 tablespoon of vinegar and dish soap, mix these ingredients well, apply it on the stain and clean the mixture with a cloth and freshwater.

For obstinate stain use one fourth cup salt, one fourth cup vinegar, one fourth cup borax mix it all and make a paste, then apply it on stain, let the mixture rest on stain for several hours until it dries, afterward vacuum it away.


Deep clean carpet:

Deep clean an old carpet using a variety of procedures to bring it back to life.

1- Use the steam vacuum to deep clean the carpet.

2- Use distilled vinegar in combination with water and spray it on the carpet for deep cleaning.

3- You can also use baking soda to freshen up the carpet.

4- Add salt and baking soda in a bottle, mix it well then sprinkle it on the carpet, let it sit for an hour or more. Then vacuum the carpet to get away the soda mixture from the carpet.

5- You can also use carpet shampoo to grind the dust out from your carpet.

To keep your carpet clean and vacuum it regularly, try to use doormats inside and outside the door, street stain, and spills instantly.

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