Reason To Buy Pizza Oven Propane

It’s easy to see why people are shelling out dough on the best outdoor pizza ovens: They’re compact, relatively portable, easy to set up and use, and, because they can reach temperatures upwards of 900 degrees Fahrenheit, they can turn out delicious pies in minutes.

Plus, they’re affordable. Most outdoor pizza ovens will set you back a couple hundred bucks, a small investment compared to the old days of building tricked-out backyard brick ovens. Lastly, little more than a table and a propane tank or some wood are needed to get many of them up and running.

What are the best pizza ovens?

After reading obsessively about the art of pizza-making, testing half a dozen ovens over the course of a couple of weeks, and firing more than 40 pies, we think the best outdoor pizza oven for most people is the pizza oven propane. Not only was it the easiest to set up and use overall, but its large cooking area made turning pies a breeze, and the L-shaped burners at the back of the oven meant every pie came out completely cooked through and nicely charred in only a matter of minutes.

If you’re looking for something less expensive and more portable, pizza oven propane is recommended, it’s lighter than the other ovens on this list, and at $349, it’s one of the least expensive pizza ovens, too.

What to look for when buying a pizza oven

Fuel source

Outside of price, the biggest factor to consider when buying a pizza oven is the fuel source. Ovens can be heated by either propane, charcoal, or wood pellets (there are also electric options for indoor models). Before choosing an outdoor pizza oven, decide which heat source is right for you. In our tests, the propane ovens were easier to control, but pizza ovens that used either wood, wood pellets, or charcoal gave the pies a smoky flavor reminiscent of good grills. Plus, it’s easier to carry a bag of charcoal or wood pellets than it is a tank of propane, especially if you’re planning to bring your pizza oven to a camping trip or tailgate.

Oven size

You’ll also want to think about the size of the oven itself. The majority of outdoor pizza ovens can make pies that are about 12 inches in diameter, but some can make larger, 16-inch pizzas, which may be the better option if you’re looking to feed a crowd. Some have a taller interior, which makes them better suited for baking other types of food, such as bread.

Lastly, one thing to consider before you buy an outdoor pizza oven is whether you have the proper space for it. These ovens should be set up at a standalone table at least a couple of feet away from any other structure, and most recommend not setting them up underneath another enclosure (an upstairs deck, for instance). Make sure you follow our steps on how to use a pizza oven safely.

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