The Differences Between LED Rope Lights and LED Strips

Used in garages, offices, and even kitchens, rope lights and LED strips are both popular lighting solutions in their own right. So which one should you choose? Before you make your decision, read on to find out the main differences between LED rope lights and LED strips so you can pick the right lighting option for your project. 

Which one is the right type for your project?

Deciding between rope lights and LED strips is dependent on your project, as well as what features you want it to have. Both are bright, versatile, flexible lighting options—but they do differ in a few ways. If you’re trying to decide which one is right for your space or project, take a look at some of these differences.

What are LED rope lights and how do they work?

LED rope lights, also called LED tape lights, are exactly what they sound like: a long strand of individually addressable LEDs (light-emitting diodes) encased in tubing that look like rope. Similar to how conventional rope lights work, strands are available in multiple colours and can be made as long or short as you want. Colour changing led rope lights can add colour to coves and external facades making decorating exteriors easy, and with so many colours available it’s simple to match any colour scheme imaginable. 

Benefits of LED rope lights

When it comes to rope lights for indoor spaces, you have a variety of options: Smaller diameter wires allow you to light up small spaces like bookshelves or shelves. A larger diameter wire allows you to cover large objects like your entire car. For outdoor use, thicker wires are recommended to ensure they won’t get damaged by adverse weather conditions. Last but not least, these lights are available in different lengths which gives you flexibility when decorating.

What are LED strip lights and how do they work?

LED strip lights have become increasingly popular because they can be mounted to any flat surface in your home or office space. LED strips produce light in a different way than traditional light bulbs do, with tiny diodes that resemble individual LEDs. You’ll usually find LED strips are housed together in flexible or rigid strips made of PCB board material or plastic. These types of lights offer significant benefits over incandescent and fluorescent lighting methods for many reasons.

Benefits of LED strip lights

LED strips are much brighter than rope lights, so if you’re looking for a more intense glow then strips will deliver. They’re also thinner and much more flexible so you can get creative with your lighting setups. A downside is that they don’t come in nearly as many colours or styles as rope lights, which means they might not be an ideal choice if you need to match a specific colour scheme.

Where can I use these lighting options?

The good news is you can use both rope lights and LED strips practically anywhere. Whether it’s adding some extra ambiance to your patio or lighting up a tall set of cabinets, these lights can brighten up your home while providing an energy-efficient alternative to traditional bulbs.

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