Ways To Make Cleaning Fun For Your Kids

Kids may spend a lot of their time making your house dirty and untidy, but there’s no reason why they can’t be involved in helping you clean it and tidy it up while having a little fun at the same time. Not only that but teaching your kids that cleaning doesn’t have to be a drag sets them up nicely for adulthood and could go a long way to making them responsible and clean in the future.

Here are a few ways to make cleaning fun for the little ones in your household:

Play beat the clock:

Provided your kids don’t use this game as a way to finish their house cleaning tasks in record time but not do them properly, it can be a great way to challenge them and reward them if they manage to beat the clock.

Set a timer for a quick cleaning game:

If you have two or more kids and a floor (or house) full of toys, games and other odds and ends, simply set a timer and have them race each other to fill their basket with as many items as they can within a minute.

Most kids have one cleaning job they enjoy:

Most kids when they’re small enjoy mimicking the actions of adults, including when they’re completing cleaning tasks, so figure out which ones they enjoy mimicking the most and encourage them to do it on their own, and as often as is necessary. Always give lots of rewards when they’re finished, even if their standards aren’t quite as high as your own!

Dance while you clean:

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a silent and arduous time, pop on some of your chosen tunes and make cleaning time fun with your kids. Dancing while dusting works, and music with an uplifting rhythm or beat usually helps to keep you motivated. Take it in turns to play your favourite songs until the cleaning is finished for the day.

Rewards always work for kids:

While you might wish that it wasn’t true, rewarding your kids for helping you with the cleaning is sometimes the only way to get them to do it. Make sure that the reward is appropriate for the level and standard of cleaning that you’re asking your kids to do, and always follow up on the reward to ensure that they trust you.

Play hide ‘n’ seek:

Tell your kids that they might find some hidden treasures if they complete their cleaning tasks properly, and hide some sweets, small coins or other items in areas where you’re expecting them to clean.

Keep the cleaning sessions brief but regular:

No child will wilfully spend hours helping you clean the home, but short, regular cleaning tasks will soon see cleaning become a part of their daily routine, and something that they’re less likely to complain about.

If you’re struggling to get your kids to help you clean your home or tidy up after themselves, you might need some help from a professional cleaning company. Gettin stressed about a dirty home and kids who won’t pull their weight isn’t worth it when you can pay someone a small amount to come in and do the cleaning for you.

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