5 Ways You May Be Damaging Your Upholstery!

Homeowners cherish their valuable couches and consider them an investment. Every homeowner wants their upholstered furniture to look and remain clean for a long time. However, their expectations are often not met when they see their couches looking dull despite vacuuming them regularly.

Mere vacuuming is not enough, and it is not the sole reason why your upholstered furniture looks gloomy. Several factors can be damaging your sofas despite trying couch cleaning Brisbane hacks.

Continue reading to know about the ways you may be damaging your upholstery!

Not Hiring Professional Couch Cleaner Brisbane

Hiring a professional couch cleaner Brisbane is important for keeping your upholsteries dust and bacteria-free. Without modern equipment, effective cleaning products and appropriate cleaning techniques, it is not possible to remove allergens, stains and soil particles that deteriorate your couches.

DIY works to an extent and you should not rely solely on couch cleaning hacks if you want to prolong the lifespan of the upholsteries. Therefore, if you have not hired a professional for upholstery cleaning Brisbane services, consider calling one right away!

Ignoring Minor Stains

Sometimes your couches become victims of stains so minor that you consider ignoring or treating them immediately. Stains are your upholstery’s worst enemy. Once it dries, removing stains become a challenging task.

Your couches can become permanently stained and even deteriorate prematurely. Therefore, if you have been ignoring minor stains on your couches, make sure you act swiftly and keep couch stain removers handy.


A humid environment is bad for your couches and upholstered furniture. Because of high moisture content, your couches can develop moulds and mildew. And, these fungi aren’t just unsightly but also leave stains, cause health problems and release odour.

If you have been noticing frequent mould infestation problems with your couches, then humidity can be a major cause behind it. Make sure you ventilate your rooms every day for reducing humidity and keeping your upholsteries in a better condition.

Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

Couch Cleaning Brisbane is an important task that simply shouldn’t be ignored. However, many homeowners rely on store-bought cleaning agents for upholstery cleaning.

These store-bought cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can weaken the fabric of the upholstery and lead to premature deterioration. If you have been using chemical-based cleaning agents on your couches, make sure you stop them immediately.

Excessive Sunlight Exposure

Sunlight exposure is harmful to your couches, as it can lead to discolouration and fabric weakening. To keep your upholsteries safe and durable for a long time, consider placing it in a place where there’s no excessive sunlight or consider using blinding curtains!

Final Words

Hopefully, now you understand how your couches can be damaged unintentionally. For prolonging the lifespan of your couches, consider hiring professionals from Comfort Couch Cleaning in Brisbane! We offer services like:

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Call us to discuss your upholstery cleaning needs and get your bookings confirmed today!

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