Another element of design I love (I know there are many) is herringbone.  Herringbone is a distinct pattern that is used in masonry, clothing, design fabric and parquetry.  Herringbone has been used for hundreds of years and is especially popular in Europe.

(Depoitiers Eva Designs)

(James Michael Howard)

The herringbone consists of short rows of slanted parallel lines.  The rows are opposite of each other that causes the pattern to look like a dense pattern of chevrons (oh how I love you chevron!)

(Krista Ewart – Madeline Weinrib)

(Madeline Weinrib – Decor Pad)

You can use herringbone in so many different ways, different colors, textures which causes the pattern to be more distinct or you can use subdued woods which makes the design a bit more elegant and simple.

(Scottie Lee)

(Trevor Tondro – Decor Pad)

A  popular way to use herringbone is in flooring, the patterns can be made using wood, brick or tile.

(Style Hive)

(Tracery Interiors)

I’m thinking herringbone would be perfect in my kitchen where there currently is no backsplash, of course I’ll keep that secret for now, I’ve promised my husband I’m done working on big projects on the inside (you notice I said inside, hello spring) of the home until next year.  Anyone believe me?

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