How Do You Clean Non-Removable Curtains

Curtains are susceptible to a lot of wear and tear due to dust and allergens and get dirty with daily dirt and pollutants entering from the external environment, so their beauty and magnificence that’s a back seat and make them dull and lose their shine.

You can notice that your curtains look different from what they used to when they were new.

So that’s a reminder to let you know your curtains require a professional curtain cleaning Sydney expertise to get them back to being beautiful and elegant,

The experts have all the measures to take charge of your curtain cleaning needs and requirements.

Also, they understand that only some of your curtains can be easily removed to clean effectively, not all. So what to do in such scenarios?

Here are some top methods followed by experienced curtain cleaners to help you demonstrate how to clean your curtains in the best and most efficient way.

How to Clean the Curtains without Taking Them Down?

The professionals have always advised being to be extra cautious with your curtain cleaning needs because the curtains are delicate and soft.

So some go beyond being delicate and fragile and need to be cleaned without getting them taken down. They are hung, and you can wash them in that manner only. That makes it difficult for the cleaners to clean them.

There are some ways to clean the curtain without removing them from their rods and holders.

Professional curtain cleaning Sydney experts use the following methods to clean the curtains without taking them down.

  • Vacuuming The Curtains

You can begin by vacuuming the curtains. Vacuuming can help remove the loose dirt particles hanging on the curtains that stick rigidly on the fabric. A vac can help you get rid of dust and dirt by vacuuming the dirt and eliminating it.

For the same, you need to keep your curtains on.

  • Curtain Beating And Shaking

Another best way to deal with hung curtain cleaning is to beat the curtain with a professional fabric beater. The fabric beater helps eliminate dust and allergens by beating the material and shaking the dust off. You can wiggle the curtain fabric and remove the loose dust particles, while the curtain can stay hung on the rod or the holder.

  • Steam Cleaning The Curtains

Steam cleaning is a professional way of cleaning curtains, and this technique doesn’t need you to take down your curtains. In fact, it works best when your curtains are hung. For this technique, you require professional help as the steamer is with the expert stores only, and you need to buy one to get it done. Also, you need to learn the technique to use it effectively

  • Dusting The Curtains

Dusting the fabric of the curtain is yet another way. It is the same as wiping the furniture; you must dust off the curtain fabrics. It works well on thick curtain fabrics as they are hard to get penetrated by dirt particles, so the loose ones can be easily gotten rid of by dusting. You can use this method, but you must be alert while not making the curtain dirtier.

  • Using Soft Bristle Brush

For thick fabric curtains that can handle the strokes of a soft-bristled brush, you can brush off the dirt and make the curtain stay clean for a long time. A soft brush is not stiff on the curtain fabric and makes the stuck dirt particles leave the material with gentle strokes. You can use the brush from top to down to help get the dirt and mud towards the floor from the top of the fabric.

  • Spray Cleaning The Curtains

Spraying mild eco-friendly soap solution on the curtain is the best way to remove the fabric’s stains. Sometimes there are mould patches and stain marks on your curtains. For the same, you can use the spray washing technique and work on the affected area more effectively. Sprays also help get the work done in a more focused and result-oriented way.

  • Spray Deodorisation And Sanitation

After the cleaning regime, the last step of each cleaning routine is summed up by deodorizing the curtain fabric. Deodorizers neutralize the smell of the solutions and procedures used to clean the curtain. The perfumes work on the smell and make the curtain aromatic and the ambiance clean.

So, the deodorizing process can be followed by sanitization to make the fabric germ and allergen free as well.

The professional Curtain Cleaners Sydney experts stand by each technique and try to make them more effective with each use. You have to trust the professional when it comes to getting your curtains to get the best treatment of cleaning and upkeep.

So the next time you are due for a curtain cleaning task, call the experts and get it done nicely without even getting your curtains down.

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