How Fast Water Damage Can Ruin Your Home?

Do you know that water is the most important resource in the world? Daily, about 400 billion gallons of water is used in the US. Despite the numerous benefits of water, it could be sometimes disastrous to mankind. Water-related damages pose a huge risk to humans, animals, buildings and overall productivity of a nation.

As an individual or home owner, one of the easy ways to avoid a weakened building and to promote a healthier environment for yourself and family, is to invest in basement waterproofing.

How fast water damage can ruin your home?

Water damage can happen very fast. It could happen within minutes water leaks into your property. At other times the damage can be seen few days or weeks after the water has spread evenly in your home. Whenever excess water seeps in and stays in a place where it is not meant to be situated, when overlooked, it can lead to damage that may require a high cost to fix.

The level of water damage your home can experience is dependent on the depth of the water. A foot+ water depth can corrode the heating and cooling systems, this requires replacement. A 2 feet+ water depth can damage home appliances, while a 3 feet + depth of water can severely damage your home’s foundation and framework. The damage may be too severe to repair.

To avoid this kind of situation, you should hire the services of Aquamaster for your basement waterproofing.

How to prevent my basement from flooding?

You can prevent your basement from flooding by doing the following:

1) Invest in getting sump pump

Make sure it is properly installed and serviced regularly. This will guarantee its efficiency to pump excess water out from your basement.

2) Regular inspection of your water heater

This is important so that any small leaks, rust, etc. of your water heater can be repaired before it degenerates to something worse which may lead to a total replacement.

3) Repair damaged pipes

Once any pipe in your basement is damaged, immediately call an expert for a repair. You should look out for signs that shows your plumbing pipes needs a repair or replacement.

4) Unclog your gutter

When your gutter is dogged by leaves, sand and debris, it does not give enough room for water to flow out of your property which may lead to flooding. It is important you clean your gutters regularly.

5) Invest in basement waterproofing

This helps to protect the structural integrity of your home. You should hire a professional such as Aquamaster for your basement waterproofing. We offer the best services, contact us today!

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