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You have found a new lovely home, your current apartment has been terminated and a new lease has been signed. Now is the time to start planning your own move. By preparing well for moving in a timely manner, you and your assistants will be guaranteed a stress-free move. We’ve put together the best tips for a smooth move.

Myself or relocation company?

The first thing to do is to decide whether to handle the move yourself or to hire a moving company. Furniture Removals Auckland companies offer a wide range of services. You can rent boxes and a moving car and do the moving yourself. If you wish, you can just pack the goods yourself and leave them to be picked up and transported by a moving company.

Some relocation companies also offer assistance with packaging, Furniture Removals assembly and home appliance installation. Once you have decided what kind of help you need, you can request a quote from a moving company.

Start packing on time

When you start packing goods in time, you avoid unnecessary stress and have to pack more carefully. This will also make it easier to unload items in your new home.

Get enough moving boxes and start packing at least one week before the moving date. On the day of the move, it is not worth packing anymore, and everything should be ready by then. Professionals recommend one moving box per living space, but you can reserve a few extra boxes.

Boxes can be rented or bought from relocation companies, but you can often ask for free cardboard boxes in stores. However, the move box should be sturdy and have good handles for easy carrying.

Prune the goods

Moving is a great time to go through the property and get rid of useless goods. It is superfluous to pack the goods that are being thrown away or sold and transport them to a new home.

Go through the goods in time and choose what you want to eliminate. Then decide what you want to throw away, which to donate or sell off. Book a flea market table or put extra furniture for sale on a flea market, for example.

Pack as planned

Pack the goods in the appropriate number of boxes. Too heavy a box is a sad position to move. The boxes usually have to be stacked at least during transport, so it is not advisable to pack them in a pinch. Also, do not stack too many boxes.

  • Mark in the boxes what they contain. This way you can easily find the items you need in your new home and carry the boxes straight to the room where their contents belong. Pack yourself a survival kit with clothes for a couple of days and essential hygiene and cosmetics.
  • Protect fragile goods well. It is a good idea to protect containers and other fragile property with wrapping paper. Newspapers found at home can also be used as wrapping paper, and in an emergency, towels and sheets also serve as padding. It is not advisable to stack the plates, but pack them vertically and it is good to pack the wine glasses upside down, thus reducing the risk of breakage.
  • Boxes are the best choice for goods because they are easier to carry and carry. Plastic bags and waste bags are better avoided. However, if the boxes run out, just pack your clothes, linen and towels into the garbage bags.

After the move

Finally, you can photograph your old, empty dwelling so that you have proof when it is removed. It is a good idea to make a list of possible defects in your new home so that you will not be liable for them later.

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