Why Choose A real Estate Agent for Choosing the Golden, Colorado Based Real Estate

Do you love snow, skiing, snowshoeing and wide open spaces in the mountains? Like many people, you have been renting an apartment or chalet at the foot of the ski slopes for years to spend a week’s holiday in the heart of the Alps or the Pyrenees. But, that’s it, you’ve decided to invest in rental in the mountains and buy a property to enjoy it even more and rent it out when you’re not there. What are the essential criteria to study before you start buying a property? What are the prices practiced on the market? All the below information are to be considered wisely as you opt for the Golden, Colorado Real Estate Agents.

The Location, a Determining Criterion for the Purchase of Real Estate in the Mountains

In terms of rental property investment, the location of the property remains the central point to check, and the same is true for the purchase of an apartment, a chalet or a house in the mountains.

Please first choose a station located at least 1,800 meters above sea level when purchasing to ensure good snow coverage on the slopes. Therefore, the Alps seem more suitable than other mountain ranges where snowflakes are less abundant. In addition, it is important to ensure that the resort has snow cannons to compensate for periods of low snowfall.

Then, even if the small resorts have charm and are more authentic, the choice of a reputable ski resort makes it possible to invest prudently and to think about resale. It will probably be easier to sell your property at the right price. The ski resorts indeed attract a lot of tourists and offer many services, hence a very strong demand for accommodation. In addition, the wealth of the natural heritage (famous peaks, waterfalls, etc.) and the resort’s integration into its environment are assets that holidaymakers are also looking for.

The Size of the Mountain Accommodation: Finished the Studio-Cabin

With the democratization of winter sports in the 70s and 80s, the tourist and hotel offer developed strongly. At the time, tourist residences were springing up and offered many studio-cabins, small apartments with a succinct layout, which could accommodate up to 6 people and sometimes only had one room, a little fair but sufficient.

Today, tourists want the same level of comfort on vacation as they do at home. Demand has therefore shifted towards larger, furnished and better equipped accommodation. Nearly 60{d2862e6e2d69dd67fc7e121421cd8c1e934bb4a7696309954b9c432b55e5f955} of searches on mountain property advertisement sites concern apartments with 2 to 3 rooms, of at least 30 square meters, most often with a real bathroom and several bedrooms. It is therefore better to favor this type of area to ensure that you rent your accommodation more regularly and more easily or to facilitate the resale of your rental investment. On the contrary, the small studios, numerous among the real estate advertisements, are discounted and are experiencing a drop in attendance.

A Welcoming Area, Both in winter and summer

Thinking of mountain peaks, it’s easy to imagine yourself in a warm suit, skis on your feet, hurtling down the powder slopes or sitting at the mountain restaurant under a beautiful winter sun, a glass of mulled wine in your hand. However, even if snow remains an important parameter for mountain resorts, it is no longer the only one.

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