5 causes of water damage in your home

Water has many benefits and it’s known for sustaining life. On the other hand, it can also be a destructive force of nature. If left unmanaged and detected early, there are many problems that can potentially result in water damage in a home.

What causes water damage in homes? Here are 5 common causes you should look out for.

What causes water damage in homes?

Severe weather and natural disasters

Thunderstorms, typhoons, hurricanes, and other natural disasters can expose your property to the risk of water damage. Uncontrollable storms, whirlwinds and heavy downpour could damage your roof, and expose your home to direct rainwater. Worse, if your property is in a flood-prone area, severe weather could result in flash flooding.

Burst/leaking pipes

Another top reason for what causes water damage in homes is leaks from pipes. Loose-fitting or broken pipes around the home, such as in the kitchen sink and inside walls could get worse, more complicated and out of control. It may start so little but if unabated may damage the entire wall and encourage the growth of algae, mold or fungi.

Clogged gutters

Another well-known reason for what causes water damage in homes is a blocked gutter system. If neglected for too long, gutters can get blocked by leaves, soil, branches, and debris. As a result, rainwater will no longer be able to flow away from your home, thereby exposing your property to water damage on the floors, ceiling, and walls.

Blocked drains

What causes water damage in homes? Blocked drains! When hair, toiletries, grease buildup, dirt, toys and other foreign objects obstruct the drainpipes in your bathroom floor, kitchen sink, and bathtub, it prevents normal drainage. These clogged drains can eventually cause flooding and water damage inside your home.

Faulty sprinkler systems

A sprinkler system is a good asset for the prevention of losses due to fire accidents. However, sometimes, older sprinkler systems may malfunction and activate themselves even without fire. This, if left unchecked, can flood your home and damage furniture, books, electronic appliances and other valuables in your home.

Water damage is quite costly. If not checked on time, it can get out of hands and cause a dent in your finances. However, the aforementioned reasons for what causes water damage in homes will help you know how to curb potential water hazard in your home.

In the event of water damage to your home and properties, consider water damage restoration. Water damage restoration involves some corrective procedures to repair your home and areas affected by water invasion.

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