How do I know if my windows need replacement?

Except your windows and doors are significantly damaged, you may not realize that they need replacement. However, replacing your windows and doors when they become bad will help you save money on energy bills, improve your home’s energy efficiency, and boost the aesthetics of the visual appeal of your home.

If you want to know if your windows need replacement, read this write-up further – you can make an informed decision.

1. Visible Structural Damage

Windows and doors are crucial to the home. As a result, they should be replaced immediately; they are no longer in a good structural condition. Meanwhile, if the window glass is broken or the frames become rotten or warped; your windows need to be replaced. Also, if window look mechanisms or other parts are damaged to the extent that the windows are no longer in the best structural condition, your windows need replacement.

2. Drafts

One of the features of good windows and doors is that they are airtight and perfectly sealed to prevent air leakage either into or out of the house. However, if the windows allow outdoor air to enter the house or escape from the house, the windows need replacement. Stand by the windows and doors with the windows and doors closed. If you can feel the breeze blowing outside on your skin, whether cold or warm, you need to replace your windows, which will compromise your home’s energy efficiency.

3. Increase in Energy Bills

If your windows and doors have become drafty, your furnace and air-conditioner will be severely affected as it would work extra to keep your home warm or cold. The result will be an increase in your energy bills. If your energy bills suddenly increase without adding a new electrical appliance to your home, your drafty windows are liable. You should plan to replace them as soon as possible.

4. Poor Sound Insulation

Windows and doors should protect your home against outdoor noise. But when they have lost their insulation, you will be disturbed by the noise of all activities outside the house. The sound of cars passing at the end of the street will disturb you. As soon as you notice an increase in the level of noise inside, your windows need replacement.


The above points are some of the factors that let you know that your windows need replacement. However, you must hire a windows and doors company for the project. Except you have adequate experience, replacing your windows and doors yourself can result in several issues. Hire an expert to have the best results possible.

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