5 Tips to Pick the Best Metal Roofing Colour

Metal roofing is available in different colours. However, you can’t use all these colours. Therefore, you need to select a particular colour that suits your home.

If you are struggling with deciding the best metal roofing colour for your property, this article will show you how you can pick a colour.

1. Be certain it suits your home style

The first tip is about considering your home style. You shouldn’t choose a metal roofing colour that doesn’t accentuate the look of your home. So, does the colour improve the look of your home? Does it set the tone of the overall appearance of your property? These important questions to answer when considering the suitability of the roofing colour for your home.

Generally, the best metal roofing colour should complement the brick or siding of your house. However, if you prefer the roof to be the most attractive part of your home, you can choose another colour.

2. Consider energy efficiency of the colour

Although most individuals don’t consider energy efficiency when choosing metal roofing colour, you shouldn’t make such a mistake. In general, the roofing colour can affect how efficient the roof is.

For instance, if your home is in a warm climate, you should go for a lighter color. Such a lighter colour can protect the house against the effect of intense heat from the sun. Resultantly, you will not have to pay higher energy bills than normal. Nevertheless, darker colours are good for homes in a cooler climate as they will warm up your home during the colder days.

So, consider this important factor before selecting the best metal roofing colour for your property.

3. Look at your surroundings

Are there some particular metal roofing colours that are mostly used by most homes in your surroundings? If yes, there may be some reasons for this. Sometimes, it may be because such colours are most conducive for houses in your neighbourhoods. Otherwise, there may be HOA rules concerning the roofing colours that can be used. So, be certain about this before selecting the best roofing colour.

4. Don’t overlook quality

The colours of metal roofs usually come from unique paints of different quality. The quality of the paints will be instrumental in determining the overall quality of the metal roof. If the paint quality is low, exposure to weather elements will make your roof chip off or fade.

Therefore, you shouldn’t only be concerned about the attractiveness of a particular colour. You must also think about the quality of the paint.

5. Utilize a colour chart

Once you have an idea of the colour you want, get a colour chart from your preferred roofing contractor. It is advisable that you see the color physically, not just on your computer screen. The chart will let you know how the colour will look in your house. Also, it will give you an idea of the different shades of your favourite colour.

With the 5 tips provided above, you should have no challenge with selecting the best metal roofing colour.

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