Can Curtains Be Cleaned While Hanging?

Most of us think that to effectively clean curtains we have to remove them from their rods. But this is not quite so. You can actually clean them while they are hanging and still make them look like they have been cleaned by Curtain Cleaning Brisbane professionals. If you are seeking an easy and practical solutions to curtain cleaning that will save you energy and time, you can do so while they hang. You do not have to rush immediately to Curtain cleaners Brisbane services to know how it’s done as here the steps are provided for your easy understanding.

Tools needed to clean curtains while still hanging

To clean curtains while they are hanging you need some basic tools. These include a duster, a vacuum cleaner with brush attachment, spray bottle, mild detergent, warm water, clean cloth or rag, ladder if required and rubber gloves if needed.

Inspect fabric and understand them

Inspection is the first step to cleaning your curtains. Curtains come in a variety of materials and knowing them well will help you chose the right cleaning method. Some curtains need extra care owing to the richness or delicate nature of the fabrics. Close inspection also reveals the discolored areas and greasy patches and other stains. Professional curtain cleaning Brisbane servicemen do a thorough inspection as well before proceeding with cleaning.

Remove surface debris by using vacuum

Once inspection is over, start by vacuuming your curtains. This will help eliminate all dirt, debris and dust gathered from the surroundings over time. Vacuum well and cover entire length and breadth of your curtains. Try keeping a slight distance. This is because you don’t want to ruin the fabric texture. You may use pre treating also using a soft brush with hand in case you do not have a vacuum cleaner handy. Curtain Cleaning Brisbane specialists are well equipped with advanced vacuum devices with different attachments that helps remove surface dust completely.

Stem cleaning

Steam cleaning is a very important method of curtain cleaning when curtains are hanging. Stem is a wonderful stain remover and is also effective on oily spots and greasy patches which are ugly and unsightly. Steam cleaning is the most sought-after option even by Curtain cleaners Brisbane experts as it ensures deep cleaning.

You need a powerful hand-held steamer for this with an upholstery attachment. This quickly dislodges and loosens stains and stuck dirt from the surfaces of curtains. Always work on a small area using gentle vertical strokes that eventually covers all area of the curtains. This is the best method for curtains that are thick and made from natural fibers. This is the most eco-friendly method of curtain cleaning as it avoids the use of any chemical agents. Professional Curtain Cleaning Brisbane services provide excellent steam cleaning both for commercial and residential curtains.

Drying the curtains in natural light

Once the curtains are well cleaned next step is drying them. You can use a hair dryer from slight distance to do this as heat from up-close can affect delicate fabric. The best and comfortable way however, is to let curtains get dried naturally in sunlight. Ensure they get dried well so that there is no risk of mold or mildew growth.


Once cleaned it is important to deodorize the curtains to make it fragrant and remove any traces of bad odors if any. There are several commercially available deodorizing products that may be bought and applied taking care to check for any harsh chemicals. Alternatively baking soda and kitchen vinegar may be used to deodorize curtains.

Allow fresh air

Once cleaning is done and your curtains smell fragrant, leave them for some time in fresh air by opening doors and windows. This will cause complete drying and remove all traces of dampness if any.


There are a few advantages of cleaning curtains while they remain hanging as they save a lot of time and energy. Removing them is a time-consuming process. It is actually easier to clean them when they are hanging as you get better access and use eco-friendly chemical methods. Also, this way you can see the stains and spots better and clean them effectively. The only challenge is the risk of damage to the surrounding area of the curtain if not done right. Also while cleaning you have to treat gently lace curtains or delicate fabrics and also surrounding furnishings and walls. If you are conscious curtain cleaning while they hang can be quite a breeze.

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