Is A Locked Door Enough to Keep Burglars Out?

We carried out an interview recently with UPVC door Repair Leeds, who repair all types of UPVC doors, UPVC windows, UPVC Locks and mechanisms in Leeds. In essence, provided your home doesn’t have especially weak security areas elsewhere, locking your door all of the time, should be enough to keep burglars out of your home – provided you remember to do it all of the time. That said, a lot depends on both the quality of your door(s) and locking systems. Old doors that aren’t reinforced with a material such as steel, may be vulnerable to kicking or bashing attempts from a really determined burglar or intruder, while an outdated or faulty locking system, may prove little challenge to a seasoned criminal.

With this in mind, it’s important that you invest in a quality door and locking system, before worrying about any other potentially vulnerable areas of your home, such as the sliding patio doors, garage or windows.

Let’s look at some of the best types of locks for homes, and as always, should you require more detailed information about any of them, or wish to seek advice directly from a licensed locksmith, you can do so at your convenience:

The importance of investing in high security locks for your home

Having a good quality deadbolt professionally installed on your main entranceways is a great place to start, and with a steel bolt extending into the door jamb and strike plate of the frame, the door becomes virtually impossible to enter with any level of force.

Double cylinder deadbolts are a fantastic choice, as they are able to routinely withstand lock picking, bumping, snapping, drilling and a whole host of other criminal tactics deployed by burglars and intruders.

Reinforcing your old locks

For some, the investment in new, high security locks may be beyond their budgetary constraints, and in these instances, a locksmith may recommend that you reinforce your existing locks with some features that will help to make the door more secure, such as a padlock. While you may only associate padlocks with gates and industrial style buildings, they do in fact offer a good level of protection against forced entry, lock picking and various other methods.

Making sure your door is robust enough

If your door is old, flimsy or damaged, you really should consider having it replaced with a sturdier version, of which you’ll find many different choices. It’s all well and good to invest in high security locks, but if your door is able to be kicked in or bashed in with something heavy, they are virtually worthless.

Invest in other security measures

While a locked door is the first and most important step towards protecting your home from intrusion, you should also consider investing in other security measures, such as motion sensor lights, CCTV cameras, a home security system and a burglar alarm, for example, to give your home the well rounded protection it deserves. This is especially important if you live in a high crime neighborhood or area.

A locked door is the first step towards keeping you, your family, your belongings and your home safe, and if your locks aren’t performing as they should, or you’re concerned they may not be robust enough to keep a burglar out, consult with a licensed locksmith as soon as possible.



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