The lifetime of LED light and How to measure it

LED lights have a long lifespan, one of its key benefits. This is based on the fact that LED lights have been widely used throughout the previous few decades. If you are looking for a long-lasting light bulb, we recommend that you use LED. LEDs have a life span of 30-50,000 hours, and they are more efficient than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. What’s more, LEDs produce less heat, making them safer to use in areas such as kitchens or bathrooms.

How to measure The lifetime of a light?

The main two types of measurement for light bulb life are L70 and L90. L70 refers to the hours it takes for a light source to degrade to 70{d2862e6e2d69dd67fc7e121421cd8c1e934bb4a7696309954b9c432b55e5f955} output.

  • L90 is similar, and it refers to the number of hours it takes for a light source to degrade with 90{d2862e6e2d69dd67fc7e121421cd8c1e934bb4a7696309954b9c432b55e5f955} output.
  • Another way is by measuring Kelvin, which roughly matches with L70 but can be higher than 90{d2862e6e2d69dd67fc7e121421cd8c1e934bb4a7696309954b9c432b55e5f955}.
  • Another way to measure the lifetime of light is by setting it up and measuring how long the light lasts with a magnetic sensor.
  • If you want to calculate the lifetime of a light, multiply the hours you use it per day by 365 days in a leap year for L70 measurement.

The Right Way To Increase the Lifetime Of LED Light

The Lifetime of LED light can be increased by reducing the Kelvin temperature, increasing the lumens and wattage, and decreasing the power (Voltage). Some way to increase the lifetime of a LED light is to not use it in extreme heat or cold. Also, you should avoid using LED lights in damp environments.

  1. Reduce the Kelvin temperature: The higher the Kelvin temperature of a light, the shorter its life span.
  1. Increase lumens and wattage: More lumen means more light energy output.
  1. Decrease voltage: Lower voltage means less power consumed by a led bulb, decreasing its life capacity.
  1. To decrease the number of failures, it is important to have the right amount of heat sink. Heat sink rises the temperature where LED lights will fail and are considered to be a design defect that causes failure earlier than expected

Which are the best light bulbs for your lifetime?

Suppose you want to know what type of light bulb for life, it is better to buy a LED light bulb over a standard incandescent or fluorescent. LEDs are better in running time, and their lifetime is longer—the way of measuring the lifetime of an LED Light. So, if you have a goal of buying an LED light that has more than hours that would make a good choice for your life. But sometimes, if you use too much power from your device, there would be too much heat generated, reducing the lifespan of this Led light.


In this conclusion, we have seen the lifetime of light and some important factors that can increase the lifetime of the light. Every person needs to know about these facts related to the “Lifetime of the led light .”If we know the facts about this, then it is possible that we can save our money on electric bills.

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