The Different Types Of Plumbing Pipes That You Must Know

Whether you are constructing a new house or you are renovating an older one, you must always stay cautious about the plumbing system. While adding the plumbing pipes, you should be aware of the various plumbing pipes available at your disposal. Depending upon the budget and the kind of premises you have, there are a variety of pipes that your plumbers in South Surrey BC can install for you. Keep reading and you will not only know the various types of plumbing pipes, but also the kind of them you must pick for your upcoming construction project.

The following are the most common types of pipes available for you:

1.     Pex Piping

PEX stands for polyethylene piping, which is made of plastic and this is the most commonly used for water supply piping in homes or businesses. This kind of piping is commonly used because they are cheap and these piping are quite flexible, thus making it easier for the plumbers in South Surrey BC to install. This kind of piping is highly resistant to heat and it is durable as well. Further, it requires very little or no maintenance at all. It comes is various sizes and you can pick up the size as per your project.


2.     Copper Piping

The next kind of piping you will come across is the copper piping. This kind of piping is often used to renovate or construct gas line plumbing systems. Further, these copper piping are ideal for homes and businesses alike. The copper pipes are highly resistant to pressure and can bear up to 1000 psi pressure and they can also withstand hot and cold temperatures easily Plumbers South Surrey Bc .


3.     PVC piping

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and it is also used to various plumbing applications. From transporting drinking water or the fire sprinkler systems, the PVC pipes are durable cost-effective as against the other lead based piping, which is being widely used throughout the country. In addition to the cost, the PVC piping can last up to 100 years.


4.     Galvanized piping

The last but not least, the galvanized piping, which are made out of constructed steel and dipped into molten zinc coating to prevent any kind of rust or corrosion over a period of time. These are the most expensive pipes and once, it was the most popular as well.

Whether you are an owner to the commercial or residential premises, you will always need a team of professional plumbers in South Surrey BC to complete your work. If you still cannot make your choice of the right plumbing pipes for your concern, the best of our plumbers are surely going to help you.

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