Understand Your basis of Choices for the Different Humidors

What are the different types of humidors? First of all, there are 4 key elements that characterize a good humidor:

  • The wood used for the lining, usually Spanish cedar. It helps protect cigars against parasites, while promoting the stability of the cellar environment and its light fragrance subtly balms the interior.
  • The humidifier maintains a constant humidity level of 70{d2862e6e2d69dd67fc7e121421cd8c1e934bb4a7696309954b9c432b55e5f955}.
  • The hygrometer whether spring-loaded natural or synthetic hair allows precise measurement of the humidity level.
  • The cover, in wood or in glass: the choice of the cover will have little impact on the conservation of the cigars. Keep in mind, however, that a wooden cover is preferable as it will keep the cigars in the dark. On the other hand, a glass lid is preferred if the cellar must be opened regularly: you will be able to reduce the opening time (and the drop in humidity) by seeing the cigars before opening the cellar. Visit crown humidors for the perfect solutions.

To choose the cigar humidor that will best suit your needs, it is advised that you to take into account the following 4 elements:

  • The capacity, with some precautions however, given the wide variety of existing formats.
  • The interior layout which varies according to the cellar models: compartments, drawers, shelves. If you have several types of cigars with different aromas, we recommend a humidor with compartments or drawers to avoid aroma transfer.
  • Location and volume: if you prefer a cellar with a glass cover, we recommend placing it in a dark place such as a cabinet or a drawer.
  • Electronic or natural regulation: cigar humidors with electronic temperature and humidity regulation are the most efficient. They make it possible to recreate the ideal conservation conditions in an environment which is not (too hot or too cold, too much or not enough humid). For most cellars intended for individuals, the humidity is regulated manually via a humidifier and the temperature of the cellar will be that of the room in which it will be placed. It is therefore advisable to place it in a room not exceeding 21 ° C.

 There are humidors for all budgets. The cigar humidors that our experts have selected will provide you with perfect storage conditions. The price differences are justified by the capacity of the cellar, its technology and the quality of their finishes. Choose the proper science advice for the same now.

Taking Care of your Humidor

A little advice: open your boxes regularly to let the air circulate inside and optimize the aging of your cigar. In addition, with this cabinet system you will obtain the same optimal storage conditions as in your favorite civet.

The choice of luxury

Connoisseurs or enthusiasts will not fail to discover models of unique and handmade cigar boxes. You are interested in the taste of a job well done, and you want to store your cigar in a real decorative object. Here is the solution to your expectations. The brand of cigar boxes thus designs luxury objects, numbered and offered in limited edition. Much more than a simple cigar humidor, they are sumptuous cigar cabinets to be placed on a desk or sideboard. The storage capacity varies according to the references but nevertheless you can keep a hundred cigars.

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