Things To Watch Out For And Strategies To Prepare For During A Kitchen Makeover

We’ve had the pleasure of working on a number of magnificent kitchen renovations and remodels over the past two decades. In contrast, the largest upheaval in a home is caused by remodelling the kitchen. Here are a few things to keep an eye to avoid and prepare for during a kitchen renovation before you start tearing down walls with your contractor.

Be conscious of your spending limits and your kitchen renovation budget.

The starting point for a kitchen redesign in the East Bay and nearby communities like Walnut Creek, Orinda, and Alamo is around $40,000. Prices vary widely across the country. Assuming you have no desire or need for new appliances, this is what you should do.

A new sink and faucet, together with new flooring, cabinets, a backsplash, and countertops, may be yours for around $50,000. Materials and installation are included at this pricing.

It’s possible to get a new kitchen with new flooring, cabinets with a backsplash, worktops, two to five lights with a faucet, appliances, and labour for around $50,000 to $65,000.

For about $60,000 to $90,000, you can get new flooring, cabinets (with crown moulding, glass cabinets, and under-cabinet lighting), a backsplash, countertops, numerous lights, a sink and faucet, appliances, and ceiling design and labour.

If you don’t plan ahead, you’ll have to improvise.

It may take weeks or even months to finish the construction of your dream kitchen when you get started. You’ll still need to eat while you’re waiting, though.

To avoid having to buy pizza every night, put together a makeshift kitchen outside of your home. Some appliances may need to be moved to the garage, including the refrigerator and stove, based on the number of outlets available and the quantity of power they require.

Meal prepping will come in handy during this time. If you don’t already own an instant pot, this is a great opportunity to buy one. A single pot or slow cooker can be used to combine a variety of simple ingredients to produce useable quantities. Using a slow cooker to prepare healthy meals all week long is the most convenient solution.

Choosing cabinet hardware and storage options is the first step in the process.

In terms of paint and flooring options for your kitchen, the possibilities are virtually unlimited The possibilities for cabinetry and appliances, on the other hand, are limited. The first step is to choose the cabinet and counter tops.

In terms of square footage, the cabinets in your kitchen take up the majority of that available space. In addition to their aesthetics, you should consider the direction they take and the distance they cover.

Lighting improves safety, so don’t forget about it.

In contrast to the dining room, where dimming the lights can create ambiance or alter the mood, kitchen lighting must serve a practical purpose while also looking good. Unless absolutely necessary, no one should be slicing vegetables in dim lighting. If you have any natural light, it should work in conjunction with the lighting fixtures you already have to illuminate the space and make it more secure.

A fresh coat of paint will do the trick to bring everything together.

After the appliances have been installed, the final step in completing your new space is to paint the walls. The installation of cabinets can take a long time, and some contractors prefer to paint the space first before putting in the cabinets.

Are you ready to get started on your kitchen remodel?

Your kitchen can be transformed into the kitchen of your dreams with help from Woodiwiss Painting if it’s now a construction zone. At (925) 690-1463 or, you can get started on your kitchen makeover project.

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