How to prepare for window replacement

A windows and doors replacement project is a ahome improvement task with lots of benefits to your home’s aesthetics, functionality, energy efficiency, and home value. If you have decided to replace your windows, read this write-up further to learn how to prepare your home for replacement windows.

Having chosen and finalized arrangements with the windows and doors company that will install your replacement windows, follow the tips below to prepare for the project.

  1. Remove Window Accessories

The windows and doors contractor will work on your windows and openings. It will be helpful if you remove the window blinds, curtains, decor, and paintings hanging on and around the windows. This will enable the installer to work without disturbance or restrictions.

  1. Clear the Way

The installers undoubtedly need to move replacement windows, tools, and other items around the house until completing the project. It would help if you cleared the way in your home from the entry door to all the affected rooms. Clearing the passageway will enable smooth movement and carriage of materials with lower chances of an accident.

Given the above, move your furniture, cabinet, electronics, etc., out of the way.

  1. Cover Up Properties

There is no way your windows will be replaced, and there will not be dust in the house. As a result, you need to protect your belongings against dust, regardless of whether the contractor will take care of the dust or not. Get a drop cloth and cover up your furniture, electronics, and other vital items in the house. However, check with the contractor how the issue of dust will be handled.

  1. Save Energy

Keep in mind that window replacement, especially for aluminium windows and grills, takes some time to complete. So, leaving your air-conditioner on during the period will only result in wasted energy as cold air will escape through the openings.

  1. Make Your Home Accessible

The windows and doors company must have access to your home to install the replacement windows. If you would be away, arrange for a family member or friend to be around to grant the contractor access to your home for the installation process.

Meanwhile, you can schedule the installation to the time you will be available. Also, remember to turn off your door alarm until the project is completed.


The above is how to prepare your home for replacement windows. However, hiring an experienced windows and doors company is the way to go for the best results possible. You will get top-notch service and save money.

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