When should I replace my front door?

Although many homeowners now enter their home through the side or garage door, the importance of the front door is not by any means affected. The front door is the first hardware to gain access to your home, and it contributes significantly to the curb appeal of a building. 

As a homeowner, you must keep an eye on your front door for signs that indicate that it needs to be replaced. You cannot keep an energy-wasting door and expect the best experience – you need to replace it. As a result, the following are signs that indicate that you should replace your front door. 

  1. Space Around Your Front Door

When your front door is closed, and you can see the light peeking through the frame or casing of your door, you should plan to change your front door. Other issues that can be traced to space around your front door include insects, drafts, rodents, and lots more. 

  1. Physical Damage 

If your front door has severely damaged such that the hinges are squeaking, wood is peeling is splitting, or there are significant dents on the door, you should consider replacing it as soon as possible. The rule of thumb is to replace your front door as soon as you notice significant damage to the structural integrity of your front door. 

  1. Damaged Lock

The lock is the main security component of the front door. If the lock on your door is no longer working properly, your home is vulnerable to security risks and burglary. Check your front door if it still locks properly; else, you may need to replace the lock or change the entire four. Take advantage of the latest technology employed in manufacturing front doors that are aesthetic and come with enhanced security features. 

  1. Increasing Energy Bills

Increasing energy bills is one of the tell-tale signs that you need to replace your front door. With your windows and insulation in top condition, your front door may be giving your home’s energy efficiency away by becoming a source of air leaks. This will cause your HVAC system to work harder, resulting in higher energy use with consequent high energy bills. 

  1. Outdated Design

If your front door has become ugly and not suitable for the latest designs, you should consider replacing it with the newest design to enhance your home’s architecture. 


Hire a windows and doors company for replacement front door in your home to achieve the best results. Your front gate is the gateway to your home. Replace your worn-down front door by choosing an experienced windows and doors company.

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