The Pros and Cons of Carpet Tiles


When it comes to carpets, you only have two choices: sheets or tiles. Carpet sheets come in large rolls; whereas, carpet tiles come in smaller squares. Both carpet types come in different price ranges with different designs and different installation methods. Choosing whether carpet sheets or tiles is best for you depends on your individual situation. This article aims to identify the main advantages and disadvantages of using carpet tiles, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to choose this type of carpet for your particular needs.

Pros of Carpet Tiles

  1. Ease of Installation:It is recommended that sheet carpet is installed by a professional carpet fitter due to the complex nature of the installation process. However, carpet tiles are much simpler to install and can even be installed by a DIY-enthusiast. Some carpet tiles even come with peel-and-stick adhesive already applied to the product and some come with interlocking tabs to make the installation process even easier!
  2. Durability:Carpet tiles often are made from nylon fibres and have short, dense piles making them very durable when compared to sheet carpet. This makes carpet tiles an excellent choice for commercial spaces which experience a higher footfall.
  3. Easy Maintenace:Accidents can and will happen. If you terribly stain or damage your sheet carpet, then you may need to replace the whole floor. However, if you terribly stain or tear a carpet tile, you can simply remove the damaged tile and replace it with a new one. At Flooring Hut, we always recommend buying extra carpet tiles to keep as spares in case of such an event.
  4. Cost:Carpet tiles tend to be more expensive per square metre than sheet carpet, which seems like a disadvantage. However, when you factor in the easier installation (potentially free if you DIY it) and easier maintenance (again, free to replace a damaged tile, so long as you have some spares), then actually carpet tiles can work out cheaper in the long run than sheet carpet.
  5. Design:Whilst carpet tiles tend to come in less design options than sheet carpet (again this sounds like a disadvantage, but stay with me), the very nature of tiles allows for design creativity. You could create stripes or checks or any pattern of your choosing, simply by purchasing different coloured tiles and arranging them in your space like mosaics. With carpet tiles you can unleash your creativity!
  6. Acoustics:Carpet tiles like sheet carpet can absorb sound creating a quieter space. This is a great choice for both commercial and residential spaces, where you want to muffle sounds.
  7. Thermals:Both carpet tiles and sheets offer good thermal properties meaning they can help keep a space warmer for longer. This is particularly useful in cooler countries like the United Kingdom.

Cons of Carpet Tiles

  1. Visible Seams: Unlike sheet carpet, seams can show between carpet tiles reducing the aesthetic appeal of the space. Some carpet tile manufacturers offer tiles with interlocking tabs to try and minimise the effect of this, but seams still do show especially on lighter colours tiles.
  2. Less Comfort:Carpet tiles tend to come with shorter denser piles, which are less comfortable underfoot. This usually is not a problem in a commercial space where customers and employees wear shoes. However, you may want to avoid using carpet tiles in a residential environment where comfort is key.
  3. Perfect Subfloor: Whilst sheet carpet can hide a multitude of subfloor imperfections, carpet tiles cannot. This means that extra care needs to be taken to ensure a perfectly dry and level subfloor before installing your carpet tiles.
  4. Moisture:Whilst both carpet sheets and tiles do not like moisture, tiles are prone to losing their adhesion and even curling or moving due to excess moisture. Therefore, it is important to absorb spillages quickly and maintain an optimal room humidity to ensure your carpet tiles last a long time.


As you can see, the pros of carpet tiles outweigh the cons. Carpet tiles are a great choice for commercial spaces in particular. At Flooring Hut, we offer a supply and fit service meaning that you can buy your carpet tiles from our online store, then select a local fitter to install them for you if you do not wish to DIY install them yourself. Carpet tiles are a great flooring choice thanks to their ease of maintenance, various design possibilities and durability. We hope you enjoy choosing, installing and using your carpet for many years to come!

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